Friday, February 4, 2011


Yesterday, I put my birthday money to the best use, ever! I somehow only found out on the day of that Penn & Teller were doing one show in Orlando. So, naturally, I immediately bought tickets.

I've always been a fan of theirs, but that fandom reached new levels after I saw them in Las Vegas in 2006.  I went on a vacation with my family and made Brian jealous by seeing the show on his birthday. So, like a good girlfriend, I brought him back some souvenirs...



Of course, the only effect these likely had was to make him more jealous...especially coupled with the fact that Teller talked to me and Penn said that he could eat me for dinner.

But in all honesty, I was so impressed with their show that I've been really wanting to somehow take Brian to see them ever since. The costs associated with flying out to Vegas were a tad steep, so I jumped on the chance when I heard they were in town.

I was once again blown away. I highly recommend that you save up, scour your house for loose change, or do whatever it takes to see them live if you get the chance.

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