Friday, February 24, 2012

Flashback Friday (BJM)

Today at work, my ears' confusion led to a brief conversation about The Brian Jonestown Massacre, including our odd day with them on their last Orlando show. Later, I was trying to remember when that show was and 2007/2008 came into mind, when I realized it was 2004, 8 years ago. My, how time flies.

Amazed at the amount of time that's past since then, I did some digging. Since that was before the days of ubiquitous cell phone cameras (or good ones anyway) and YouTube, the only evidence I have of that day is the recording of their performance on WPRK and this beautiful LiveJournal post:

"so who are you officially?"
yesterday proved to be one of the most interesting (& fun) days i've had in a long while...

first there was work...
uninteresting. i left early to go to prk.

then there was prk...
mass confusion. i ended up doing a 4hr show (with musical selection assistance) during the middle of which brian jonestown massacre played live in the studio.

and later there was the beer shower that was the guided by voices/brian jonestown massacre show...
(first a small lesson in irony: six months of free shows for doing nothing but tagging along. a few weeks after i start actually helping out, i have to pay to see a band that i had just seen for free hours earlier & whose manager was helping me pick out cds.)
some highlights: being covered in beer to the point that i got erin wet by shaking my head. seeing guided by voices play in ponchos (& goggles). us getting free cds from "officially" travis (making up for having to pay to get in). having 5 ties in a row playing rockpaperscissors. my poor dirty glasses being licked and then cleaned off by "officially" travis. us being the last people in the social other than the bands & clean-up crew. being dragged in opposite directions down orange ave. by lindsay & "officially" travis. us taking a 2 block ride in the brian jonestown massacre's van with "officially" travis for no reason. ("officially" travis is a very nice man.)

i had to wash my hair twice to rid it of all of the beer. i don't think my glasses will ever be clean again...
'twas a damn good day.

And just now, through some careful Googling, I was able to find a MySpace photo album of pictures from that night's show. 

Weird flashbacks abound.