Monday, January 17, 2011

Really Hooked

About two weeks before Christmas, I finally had a great idea for a present for my dad and stepmom: a throw blanket. But not just any blanket, one crocheted by me. I hunted out a pattern, bought the yarn, and got to work. Given that it was (and is) about 15 times larger than anything else I've crocheted, two weeks was not a lot of time (especially given that it had to be mailed).

So I proceeded to eat, sleep, and drink crochet. Luckily, I had a couple of helpers.

Oops HelperRomp Helper

In the end, I ended up getting really sick with only a few days to go. It ended up being a few days late, but at least I did it! (And then I've had the wisdom teeth nonsense, so I just finally got confirmation that it was received a few days ago. Hence the post about it almost a month later.)

First Blanket

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Aside from not being able to eat real food, part of the trouble with my nerve damage has been that I haven't been able to move my face a lot. Hence, the swollen, botox-looking "smile" in the picture below, taken on January 3.

But thanks to a very, very kind coworker, I got an hour of physical therapy on Friday, and a list of things to keep working on. Just that one hour on Friday made a world of difference:

Did you know that your jaw is supposed to move in six different ways? Well, it is, and mine does again now! I'm still numb. I still can't chew. But I have my face back! 

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I still can't talk very well, and my mumbled speech causes the ouch. I can't chew. Additionally, I've been banned from chewing until at least the 20th. People at my dentist and oral surgeon's office keep telling me I'm swollen; I can't tell anymore.

That being said, if anyone has some good (vegetarian) ideas for food that doesn't require chewing (or can be food processed into oblivion), please send them my way. Thanks!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thousands of words...

Yowsa, it's been a long week! As I mentioned in my last email, I had my wisdom teeth extracted last Tuesday. In addition to the usual fun of such an event, I have some as-yet-to-be-diagnosed complication that's resulted in the front right corner of my mouth being numb & pins-and-needles-y for a week. I basically talk for a living, so I've missed three days of work. And I can't chew, so I've been living on a diet of soup, yogurt, applesauce, instant mashed potatoes, and kombucha. Oh, and I can barely move my mouth, so I look like I got botox (see below). And I sound like I have "marbles and cotton balls" in my mouth when I talk. Like I said, It's been a long week.

So, I've decided to combine my lack of coherent speech with the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words, resulting in the plunge of a 365 picture project. From my calculations, this will save my broken mouth 365,000 words.

I'm posting all of my pictures to my Tumblr in case you're interested.

(Monday's picture - me trying to smile.)

(I can promise you many pictures of cats!)