Monday, January 17, 2011

Really Hooked

About two weeks before Christmas, I finally had a great idea for a present for my dad and stepmom: a throw blanket. But not just any blanket, one crocheted by me. I hunted out a pattern, bought the yarn, and got to work. Given that it was (and is) about 15 times larger than anything else I've crocheted, two weeks was not a lot of time (especially given that it had to be mailed).

So I proceeded to eat, sleep, and drink crochet. Luckily, I had a couple of helpers.

Oops HelperRomp Helper

In the end, I ended up getting really sick with only a few days to go. It ended up being a few days late, but at least I did it! (And then I've had the wisdom teeth nonsense, so I just finally got confirmation that it was received a few days ago. Hence the post about it almost a month later.)

First Blanket

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Sarah said...

It's so awesome. I want one.

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