about me.

I could maybe pass for a teenager, but I'm really a 20-something (for a couple more years). Sometimes I act like a kid. Sometimes I act like a grandma.

I don't hesitate to take advantage of cheesy photo opportunities.
I'm a bit shy, but I have no shame when it comes to looking ridiculous. Luckily, I live in FL and am surrounded by wackiness.

I like some other things as well.
(HINT: These are the things I'm prone to writing about here!)
-anthropomorphized food
-vegan baking
-birds, squirrels, ducks & other woodland critters
-horror movies, great and terrible
-thrift stores & antique malls
-nerdy media (think NPR, nonfiction books, etc.)
-knitting, crochet, and crafts of all sorts
-making lists (see!)