Thursday, February 24, 2011

All Dogs Go to Heaven

Today the world lost a really great dog. Annabelle was perhaps the only fried-chicken-colored dog with Flock of Seagulls hair the world has ever known. She had so much personality that it was impossible not to think of her as a tiny (furry) human. I spent many an hour holding her like a hairy baby, or just having her cling to me, no hands required.

She also had really nice hair, but she wasn't a big fan of mohawks (or so she pretended).

She was also a princess and a really snazzy dresser (when she wasn't falling over).

She could body slam the heck out of some treats...


She loved her monkey and her many beds...

...And her god mom and dad...(and her many other family and friends)...

...But most of all, she loved her mom, who was the best dog mom in all the land.

You were a great little furry friend, Annabelle. Your scratches of love will be missed.


sherixfirefly said...

Aww i'm so sorry for your loss honey :( What a beautiful doggy, best hair ever!

the perfect pear said...

aww im so sorry about annabelle! :( she looks like she really loved you!

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