Friday, February 18, 2011


For most of my life, going to a salon has been a traumatic experience. Nearly anyone that has touched my hair is amazed at how full it is, in a way that signified they were terrified. I have left many a stylist chair with only the most basic of haircuts or the most uneven of haircuts. In high school, I started getting it trimmed by someone and then cutting style into it myself.

Then in college, I started working next door to a salon and befriended one of the stylists. This started me on a six or seven year streak of free or super-cheap haircuts that has only recently stopped. Now, not only am I scared to have anyone else cut it, but I hate the idea of paying anyone much of anything to do so.

Enter my old friend from high school...a hospital surgical/prep razor like this:

My number one at-home DIY haircutting tip is to get one of these bad boys, especially if you have wavy/curly/full hair. Then cutting your hair is not only basically free, but super fun. I just hacked the living daylights out of my hair.

I chopped off a ton of hair & I think managed to look pretty swell afterwards.

(at Disney's Hollywood Studios, in front of a giant blade of grass)

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