Sunday, February 6, 2011

Big & Tall

Last weekend, as part of my birthday adventures, Brian and I went to a local park that neither of us had been to. It's really small, but it's the home of the (alleged) 5th oldest tree in the world. And I know that sounds super nerdy and boring, but it's pretty amazing.

The main tree (named the Senator) is around 3,500 years old. Think about that. 3,500 years old. As such, it's huge, unbelievably huge: 11.5 ft in diameter and 125 ft tall (and it used to be 40 feet taller).

(Of course, to put this wholesome educational experience into context, I should mention that we only went there after visiting my favorite amazingly-seedy arcade, where my prizes included a plastic grasshopper, a creepy marble maze game, and a fortune telling fish. Romp approves.)

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Anonymous said...

So tell me romp, what was your mood? In love? Jelous? Upset that you couldnt eat the fishy? x

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