Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today, finally, I have been inspired by the cheesiest idea, ever - Twosday! So from here on out, expect two random things every Tuesday, forever to be known as Twosday.

For the inaugural edition, I present a double two Tuesday...Two pictures from Two Egg, FL!

Yes, you read that right - Two Egg, FL. It's a small town in northern Florida that we visited on the way home from the panhandle. And when I say "small town", I mean it. Basically the town is the sign picture above, the field behind this sign, a couple of houses, and two abandoned stores.

This amazing grocery store still had merchandise inside. It closed a mere couple of months before we visited. What bad timing! I think we would've spent a ton of money there on Two Egg memorabilia. 

We also took pictures with Brian's SLR while we were there, but we're notoriously terrible at developing film. I'm letting this vacation linger on forever in the blog world! Our amazing thrift store finds will be coming soon!

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