Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Peep Preventer

Do you know the name of that front bit that hangs underneath many desks? Well, I didn't either. Until today....

Yes, that little piece of wood (or in the above case, metal) is called a "modesty panel". It is named as such, I would suspect, because its sole purpose in life is to keep people from peeping up your skirt. 

I learned this little fact in an interesting conversation I had at work this morning. My desk will, hopefully, soon be the proud owner of one such modesty panel. I would like to think that people weren't peeping up my skirts in the first place, but in situations like this, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

It will also be a welcome addition to my life as it will allow me to use my new favorite, antiquated-sounding term, "modesty panel". 

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Ms. Knitpick said...

I never knew that. I love little historical pieces of cultural knowledge like this-thanks

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