Friday, March 19, 2010

The Beach!

As promised...Beach pictures!!! And here's where the caveat comes - I don't really have a lot of beach pictures. The weather wasn't so nice while we were there. It was overcast and much colder than your typical March in Florida.

We did go to a small beach park right on the gulf beside these natural dunes. It was gorgeous!

Of course, having seen the weather forecast, I thought it would be rainy and cold the whole time. So, I brought attire to match such conditions. Lesson learned: boots + sand = bad combination.

After this short trip to the beach, we went to this ridiculous marine park, the Gulfarium. It's been open since the 50's, and it looks like the last time they remodeled anything was in the 70's. But it is, as you would expect from the name, on the gulf, so it was a least enjoyable.

Our favorite was the otter exhibit. I love otters! I mean, look at that face! I didn't get a very good picture of the other awesome thing we saw: a seal that climbed a ladder to have a dolphin eat a fish out of its mouth. Who thinks up this stuff?!?

I have some pretty good pictures from the other part of our travels, so I'll share those soon. Plus, I need to take pictures of the amazing things we picked up on our thrifting adventures! Wait till you see this stuff!!!

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