Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snack Time

Once again, I'm postponing my beach post (post-ponig, get it?!)...And in it's place, I would like to share a snack with you.

I've been trying to eat more seasonal fruits & veggies for the last few months (which I'll admit was a learning process since we don't really have seasons). This means I've been eating lots of apples - and loving it! I found that I kept taking them (whole) to work and then not eating them (forgetting floss = apple stuck in my teeth all day - no good). 

So one morning I had the brilliant idea to bring sliced apples. Only, without lemon juice or some substance typically used to prevent browning, I thought I couldn't bring my brilliant idea to life. Then I saw the orange juice and decided to give it a whirl.

Tada! Orange juice not only has enough acidity to prevent browning, but it also adds an extra bit of yumminess to an already tasty snack. And you don't need much - just enough to cover the apples - so it's not even messy. I've only tried this trick with Gala, Pink Lady, and Red Delicious apples, so I can't attest to its tastiness with yellow or green apples.

Simple, I know, but tasty! Try it!

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jesse.anne.o said...

I think you can also use it with yellow apples but I don't know about greens (I don't really like greens!). But you can also use apple juice!

I love pink ladies.

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