Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Random Florida

We're now more than halfway through the work-week! Maybe these pictures from our road trip to the panhandle will get me (and you) through to the weekend!

We found this awesome bench while wander the streets of High Springs, FL. After making Brian sit awkwardly on this bench right beside the main road, we ate at this awesome diner.

It's called Fleetwood Diner. There is one in Lansing, MI and one in High Springs, FL. It was such a random thing to find in the middle of nowhere. Even more odd - they had a ton of vegetarian food! Including a tempeh reuben and this super yummy stuff called Hippie Hash: hash browns + feta + broccoli + other veggies + (optional) tempeh. It was cheap & we had enough leftover for breakfast the next morning (to replace the "breakfast" at the inn that we used as snacks). Bonus: I (unintentionally) sat facing that awesome Speed Racer sign on the wall.

I wish I could remember where I found this next one. It was at a Goodwill somewhere between Gainesville and Destin...they all started to blur together after a while.

Why??!?!?!? No stalls, no divider, just two (functional) toilets in the same bathroom. Oh, Florida, you continue to amaze me.

I still have the pretty pictures left. I swear I really will get to them eventually.

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