Saturday, March 13, 2010

Panda Room!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present...the Panda Room!

Clockwise from top left: Breakfast table with panda wallpaper border & Panda wall-hanging; Me, on the panda comforter; The panda comforter in all its glory; View of the bathroom from the bed - note the panda picture, the bamboo wallpaper & the two stuffed pandas

The Panda Room is (in my opinion) the best room at the Rustic Inn Bed & Breakfast in High Springs, FL. There are a couple of things in the room that you can't see from the pictures: a coffee table book about pandas and a VHS copy of The Amazing Panda Adventure!

The Inn is just barely a bed and breakfast, in the sense that there is a bed and you get breakfast. The rooms are separated from each other and the main house, and each has its own bathroom. The breakfast is basically a continental breakfast delivered to your room the night before, enhanced by a personal fridge with milk and juice, and, my favorite, a coffee pot. The guy that ran the Inn was so super-nice. He knew everything there is to know about High Springs and offered his services, but stayed out of our hair. We were the only guests, so it was pretty amazing. 

When we first arrived, he told us that deer hung out on the property, as well as a (nice) skunk. I didn't see the skunk, but a deer was probably 25 feet away from us when we retrieved our stuff from the car. It's like the deer had been paid to greet us.

I very highly recommend the Rustic Inn if you are for any reason in the middle of FL and looking for a place to stay. They don't only cater to panda-lovers, but also have a cat room, a zebra room, a marine mammal room, an everglades room, and a tropical room. (Plus, there are several antique malls & thrift stores in High Springs...more on that later!)

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