Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Photography Apps

Yeah, yeah, I know, you're sick of lists of photography apps. Well, I am too, at least, I'm sick of lists that include the same apps over and over and over...As an admitted photography-app-hoarder, I am here to share with you some of my favorite lesser-known (or at least, lesser-shared) apps.

I have an iPod Touch and an Android phone, so I have apps on both. However, the iPod has an infinitely greater selection of photography apps (unless you count creepy porno apps, in which case the Android wins, hands down). So, here they are, in no particular order...

Plastic Bullet. ($1.99, App Store) I love this app because it creates random toy-camera, vignette, and light leak effects - perfect for those indecisive moments!

SwankoLab. ($1.99, App Store) It's like everything you love about darkrooms, minus the smell of developer! You get to mix developers, fixers, and additives to create different looks. You can also same formulas if you get a look you love.

ClassicINSTA. ($1.99, App Store) Everything you love about instant cameras, minus the expensive film! It even "ejects" the picture. You can change the cartridge to different effects or simulations of damaged cartridges. You can also change the instant film frame.

푸딩 카메라 (Pudding Camera). (Free! App Store and Android) This is a really versatile app. It's just that everything other than the camera and film names happen to be in Japanese. So, if you can read Japanese, great! If you're like me and you have no idea what the characters mean, you can absolutely manage. I actually have a few Japanese camera apps and can fumble my way through just fine! This one has a couple of motion camera settings and a fish-eye lens, plus some others. 

Are there any photography apps you enjoy???

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L said...

I just looked up (and downloaded) the Pudding Camera app, and it works in English! So if you want, you can probably update yours and you, too, can enjoy reading English. I like it, too, so thanks for the recommendation.

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