Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maitland Food Truck Night

Somehow I was out of the loop for the beginning of the weekly Food Truck Cafe in Maitland. I feel like I should've been notified directly about the arrival of a cupcake truck mere miles from my house, but anyway...I found out about it last week when Jason went. I had already made dinner, but he brought us cupcakes. That's when I knew I had to venture there myself.

I had to work late tonight, which was the perfect excuse to run off to food truck land instead of cooking. Sure we're behind the rest of the world with this food truck trend, and sure there weren't many vegetarian options, but did I mention - cupcake truck!?!

The weather is nice this evening and the park where the event is held is really pretty, so it made for good times.

We both got portabello burgers from the Tree House Truck because we're good kids that don't just have cupcakes for dinner.

You can even tell by the picture that these burgers were delicious. Look at the avocado! And it helps that Brian is displaying it like a work of art.

And then, of course, we had cupcakes. 

The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck is basically my new favorite thing. The gentlemen that run it are great. The truck and their website are adorable. Oh, and the cupcakes are amazing. 

Just look how the red velvet turns me into a 50's housewife in a cupcake ad!

And on an unrelated note, this must be my lucky month. I've won two blog giveaways from two great blogs: A Summary for the Summer and Style Crush. I'm excited! Thanks, ladies! I will be putting this positive blog energy into the re-vamping of this here blog, so keep a lookout!

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Mandy said...

I love food trucks/trailers/pods. There's always something for everyone, and it's just fun ordering from them!

Red velvet cupcakes are my fav. :)

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