Monday, May 23, 2011

Living in Orlando

One of the perks of living in Florida, particularly around Orlando is the theme parks. This is also a huge minus of living here, depending upon how close you live/work to the parks and tourist traps. I'm far enough away to venture there when I want to, but retreat when it's overwhelming.

Yesterday Brian and I spent the afternoon at Animal Kingdom to use our Disney birthday-present passes before they expired. It was disgustingly hot and crowded, but it was worth it to see some amazing critters.

Black swan
Ok, so you can probably see black swans in lots of places, but I still love this one!

And what about this buddy, building a nest...

To protect these eggs from jerks like this!

They do have animals that aren't birds, but I just really like birds.

Well, to be honest, we took pictures of a lot of other critters, too, but we have to wait to get that film developed.

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