Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Win in May!*

*Well, I didn't technically win this time, Brian did. But I am the one who filled out the entry for him, so he was using my mojo.

We went to the grand re-opening of our local Sam Flax this weekend. We bought some goodies, entered a drawing, and got a free cupcake from the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck. And then we found out yesterday that the fun wasn't over yet - Brian won a prize!

I honestly entered us both in the drawing without having a clue what the prizes were, so it was a complete mystery until we went to the store this evening. He hit the motherlode! (And lucky for me, most of it is much more my style than his - see, I did win!)

Sam Flax prizes
- re-useable shopping bag
- two Knock Knock self-inking stamps (TMI & Right/Wrong)
- Knock Knock Vs. journal
- Knock Knock Self Therapy pad (not pictured)
- Fred Flare Trashed sticky notes
- Random Crap metal cigar box
- Moleskine weekly diary/notebook
- Brew Jeans koozie
- Jacquard tie dye kit
- TokyoMilk French Kiss
- TokyoMilk Cherry Bomb candle
- floral hammer/screwdrivers

As you can see, Oops obviously thought she was much more worthy of pictures and attention than our prize stash.

Sam Flax prizes (cat out take)


Well, she is pretty cute.

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