Saturday, July 3, 2010

Surprise Trip

When I got home from work on Thursday, I went right to work on Brian's surprise present. As soon as I was finished, he whisked me away to the car to take me to dinner. Only, when we were in the car, he told me the dinner was in St. Petersburg (which is two hours away for those of you not in Florida). Mind you, we didn't leave until 7pm and Brian had to work the next day. I was perplexed, but he said he got coupons from his mom for some really nice restaurant there.

So, around 9:45, we ate dinner in St. Petersburg. Then, he drove me to get "dessert". And by that, I mean he surprised me by driving to an amazing bed & breakfast I found a few months ago, Pasa Tiempo.

Brian managed to make the reservations, pack everything, and take Friday off work without me having a clue. We spent the first night hanging out in the room. We'd been going back and forth until then about whether our anniversary was the first or the second and determined it was the second. It worked out nicely because that meant we had a full day to spend together on our actual five year anniversary.

Friday was also full of surprises, with me completely in the dark about what we were doing. We ate breakfast (and I drank coffee) in our room. Then we got in the car to go to our first mystery location...the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. We walked around like normal for a bit, and then Brian made me sit on a bench while he did something. He'd signed us up to hang out with penguins!

We walked around like normal people a bit more, and then...the ultimate suprise: Brian proposed to me when we were alone in the room with the beautiful jellyfish aquarium!!!!

According to Brian, I was glowing. I believe it. While it was a surprise, we'd been talking about it for a little while. I gave him ideas about rings, and he went with my absolute favorite!

Pardon my gnarly, wrinkled hand. I've never seen anything like this ring. I'm so excited!!!!!

The rest of our mini vacation was amazing as well. I'll post more pictures soon!!!


Consider my dear said...

OMG OMG OMG I'm so excited for you! That is the cutest thing ever. I want to give you a bff internet hug! That ring is awesome I've never seen anything like it :D

Consider my dear said...


Hearthandmade said...

omg!! Im so excited for you tooo!!! Thats so lovely!

Claire xoxo

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Batzy Shop said... exciting!!

BTW Im giving you the Sunshine and the Versatile awards!


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