Monday, August 23, 2010

Who you calling Granny?

Ok, so I'd get kicked out of Geometry class (which I haven't been in for over a decade) if I called this a square, but dammit, it's close! 

With the aid of a couple of books (mostly, Stitch 'N Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker), I've been teaching myself to crochet (for a second time - I taught myself a couple of years ago and promptly forgot). In all of my crocheting excursions through tonight, all I had made was two headbands. 

I got a book at the library on Saturday that made me want to expand my crocheting repertoire. I mean, how could I not want to make these:

Tonight I decided to expand my set of skills. I thought that I could at least have a goal instead of knotting up a bunch of yarn for no reason, so what you see above is my first (ok, fourth or fifth) attempt at a Granny Square. I was aided in my endeavor by this set of videos from eHow: Crochet Granny Square . They're not exactly flashy, but they work!


Hearthandmade said...

woo high five!!
Get posting on flickr missus!! I have a treble crochet tutorial happening tomorrow! xo

lauren carney said...

oh your blog is lubbly jubbly!
i enjoy the happy snaps and fancy finds immensely.
thanks for the inspiration!
you're wonderful x x

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