Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In the clouds

I'm not a very good judge of distance, but I had to park about five miles away from work when I got back from lunch this afternoon.

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(You see that tiny little building off in the distance - that's work.)

I had to park there yesterday morning as well. (Yesterday was the first day of fall classes, you see.) Each time I've had to park in the middle of this field, I've gotten frustrated. It's always preceded by endless circles through the actual parking lot. Plus, I'm generally late. And this afternoon it was raining.

But when I left work this evening, I rather enjoyed my walk through the then empty field. It rained all day, so it wasn't very hot. Things had just dried off enough to re-solidify the ground I was walking on. It was a pretty nice way to calm down after work.

= Silver lining.

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Consider my dear said...

Wow, think of all the things youll get done. I like that idea. :)

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