Saturday, August 14, 2010

Four Simple Goals!

I was excited when I read about Elsie Flannigan's idea for Four Simple Goals. Motivation is always good, especially when it involves allowing the whole internet to hold you accountable!

1. Exercise! I've got three bicycles in the garage, two tennis rackets, a stationary bike, an exercise machine, and a couple of Wii exercise games, so I've really got no excuse. It's time to make getting off my booty a regular occurrence!

2. Eat vegan (at least at work)! I have a boyfriend who loves cheese and a lack of willpower. I can at least take control of my choices at work: five meals and about a zillion snacks per week. Perhaps I can create enough momentum to keep it going.

3. Attack my ever-growing pile of clothes! I have a pile of clothes with rips/tears, old clothes from my mom, and thrifted clothes that need the attention of my sewing machine. Once they're done, it'll be like I've gone on a major shopping spree!

4. Yep - keep crafting, sewing and journaling! For me, for selling, and for gifts...Christmas is just four months away after all! I'm on a roll, now I just gotta keep at it!

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JackieBlue said...

I have ALMOST the exact same goals! Except the whole vegan thing, I can do vegetarian easy but I have to have cheese. Good luck! :)

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