Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Public Service Announcement

Bicycle + car =

So be careful!

My roommate got hit while riding his bike home from work today. He's okay (we think - he and Brian are at the ER right now), but he's pretty damn banged up and as you can see, his bike is annihilated. 

When you ride a bicycle, be safe! Don't ride like a maniac. Have headlights and tail lights if you're riding at night. Signal your turns. Obey traffic laws.

When you drive your car, watch out! Pay attention. There are pedestrians and cyclists everywhere, and if it's you versus them - it's not a fair fight.


Celina said...

Oh man! I hope you're roommate is ok! Things like this make me nervous about riding my bike. Especially since I'm planning on making it my main transportation to school next semester. Love your blog, btw! (:

stina said...

i've been thinking about getting a bike but i'm too nervous about accidents. you can never be too careful in traffic.

Consider my dear said...

I just wanted to let you know, I dont think your button works. It doesnt go to your link when you click on it. I thought I'd let you know.:)

Helen said...

I got hit yesterday, the guy took off and kept going, I was ok, the bike has a new noise and a flat tire now. I don't get it, He saw me, we made eye contact and he still clipped me taking off from a dead stop. And, just kept going.

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