Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dream Job

Earlier today, while listening to NPR and shuffling paperwork, I was hit with a spell of jealousy; Someone at NPR has the job title "Kids' Music Reviewer". My first thought: "How do I get that gig?!"
Despite having no children and rarely being around young children, I'm a big fan of children's music. I guess the one aspect of this that makes it less creepy and weird is that I don't like just any kids' music. I'm not sitting at home rocking out to the Wiggles and Barney. I mean, I do have some level of taste, people.
I thought I should share some of this (slightly bizarre) love with all of you. Perhaps those of you with children will be particularly interested (but I'm telling you, don't turn away my childless cohorts!). Below you will find a couple of my favorites that I could track down on the interwebs.

The Bear Gees - Bearobics. Visiting friends uncovered this record in my boyfriend's record collection a few years back. I'm still upset that we were dating a couple of years without him telling me about this. This record is, as you can imagine, music by the Bee Gees re-imagined by teddy bears. The whole theme of the record is being healthy and encouraging your lazy teddy bears to get moving. There's some good advice here: "Be careful not to snack too much!"

The Telephone Company. This is my favorite kids' music band by far. By sheer luck, my boyfriend happens to be friends with the singer, so I'm the proud owner of their only (to-date) album - complete with themed shrinky dinks!

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