Saturday, June 19, 2010

30 Day Journal Challenge - Days 3- 6

I'm still going strong with the 30 Day Journal Challenge. Today is day six. Below you'll find the pages I made for days three through six.

30 Day Journal Challenge - 3
Day 3: Draw a picture of someone you love & write why they mean so much to you

30 Day Journal Challenge - 4
Day 4: What does your heart look like?

30 Day Journal Challenge - 5
Day 5: Favorite blogs

30 Day Journal Challenge - 6
Day 6: Draw something that represents time & things that you need to do at this time

I'm having so much fun with this. It's also really great to see what other people are doing on the Flickr group.


Phil said...

This is so inspirational

Hearthandmade said...

i love these!! I really have to shoot my wee book tomorro and update!

Carrie said...

im super jealous your taking the craft summer camp by RVA, I wish I had enough time to complete it!

thanks for stopping by my blog.
i love yours keep up the crafts!

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