Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friday, May 14: Day Two (Part One)

We got a whopping 5 hours of sleep before we had to check out. Jason was determined to get continental breakfast, so he woke up at 8am to score us some muffins and bagels. Luckily, the room had it's own coffeemaker, which really couldn't have made me happier (unless the coffee wasn't as awful as it was - it tasted like chomping on Folgers instant coffee). I spent a good deal of the drive to New Orleans drifting in and out of sleep in the backseat of the van. We took some detours in Florida to stop at some thrift stores, including some in Chipley that Brian and I stopped at a few months ago. It was pretty much a bust.

We also stopped along the way at the first place on the list I compiled from Roadside America - the Derailed Diner in Robertsdale, Alabama. That place was awesome! I read a little about it online before we went and the woman who opened it spent four years planning it out. You can tell; there are awesome details everywhere. There are tables-for-two made out of tailgates with TV's in front of the seats. There are bucket seats from various vehicles on many of the booths. Plus, the counter faces the school bus that houses the kitchen. The food was also pretty rad. I had a "Veggie Hobo" which was mixed veggies roasted in a bag of aluminum foil. They also had bottomless coffee, of which Jason and I took full advantage.

(Coincidentally, I have the blue Columbia Roadster hanging from the ceiling.)

We went to some indoor flea market in Mississippi that was super sketchy and not exciting at all. The best thing about Mississippi was this giant rocking chair...

We also hit up a couple of thrift stores there, but had to book it to New Orleans. To be continued...

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