Saturday, November 14, 2009

Practice Pie

I'm entering a pie baking contest next week at work (further proving that I am a 90 year-old grandma stuck in a 26 year-old' body). Being that I couldn't figure out what to make and haven't made a pie in years, I decided I needed to practice.

Last night was the first round of practice pie. First up, Gingerbread Apple Pie from Vegan with a Vengeance. I heart apples and gingerbread, plus I thought this could stand out from a traditional apple pie. It turned out really well. I think I may have prebaked the crust a tad too long, but otherwise, it was one of the tastiest things, ever.

I tried it, along with Brian, Jason, and my mom. Everyone gave it two thumbs up, but I don't think this is a contest-winner. It doesn't hold together well, and it's not the prettiest thing ever. Of course, it turned out much better than practice pie #2...

(To be continued...)

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