Monday, November 9, 2009


Everything I've read recently about not being wasteful and about saving money on food is finally sinking in. I bought corn tortillas last week to make the Mexican "pizzas". I used some of the remaining ones to make enchiladas last night. I still knew I would have a lot leftover, and that's where last night's experiment came from...

Baked corn tortilla chips! I always bring crackers or somesuch thing to work for snacking, so the chips were a healthy (and cheap) alternative to that.

To make them, I first preheated the oven to 350. Then I sprayed two baking sheets with olive oil cooking spray. I sliced each tortilla (in a stack) into six equal pieces. I spread them evenly in one layer onto the baking sheets and sprayed the tops lightly with more cooking spray. I then sprinkled them with sea salt & garlic powder (but you could use any other seasoning).

They went into the oven for 10-15 minutes. Halfway through, I rotated the pans and flipped the chips over. I took them out when they just started to brown and immediately put them on a plate to cool.

And voila! Cheap, easy, healthy chips.

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