Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Everyone is posting things that they are looking forward to this spring. I'm jumping on the bandwagon - only in FL, spring and summer are essentially the same thing. So below are two things I'm looking forward to for springsummerfall, aka, now through October.

1. Springs!

Well, swimming in general, but especially springs!!! We went on a trip to Alexander Springs (above) last summer, but only got to swim for 30 minutes because of a terrible storm. It didn't quite fulfill my springs need, so I'm itching to go!

2. Riding bikes!

This picture was taken 2007ish, but it pretty well sums it up. I will really be looking forward to riding the bike in the picture (I have two others). It's a Columbia Roadster from 1964! It needs new tires before it's in riding order, but I can't wait!

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